Are paper straws biodegradable?

Biodegradable paper straws – a simple step towards environmental protection

Probably, no modern party can do without disposable tableware. Graduation, picnic, corporate events – all this is necessarily accompanied by abundance of snacks, hot dishes, desserts and, of course, cocktails. The most festive and necessary part of any cocktail, except for its ingredients, of course, is the straw.

What do we know about straws? Are we thinking about them when we are going to buy package for a party? Most often, the main criterion for buying them is … Color? Length? Material? Hardly. Usually the main criterion for the purchase of straws is simply the presence of them in the store. Any of them. Yes, of course, except for theme parties, where every detail matters.

Papers drinking straws from Jovama – an environmentally friendly holiday

Jovama company experts have long thought about the environmental component of the holiday. Now their main pride is compostable paper straws. It would seem what the material is changing? But it turns out absolutely everything!

Just think! Plastic, thrown out after your picnic, decomposes more than 300 years. 3 centuries! Just imagine that a plastic plate, thrown away in the time of Peter the Great, would have decomposed only by today.

Jovama biodegradable paper straws have several advantages:

  • they are environmentally friendly and completely harmless;
  • the ability to use only 1 time (hygiene);
  • the material does not emit chlorine when heated; accordingly, hot drinks can be consumed without harm to health;
  • be used as a safe advertising medium, thanks to eco-safe inks.

The advantage of paper drinking straws all over the world is also the fact that they are not subject to mandatory certification, except for those that have a special designation “for children”. However, Jovama carefully monitors the quality of all its products, so it fully undergoes the necessary certification procedures.

In the company’s assortment there are products from gray and white cardboard. They differ in composition. Gray is a product of recycling waste paper or wood raw materials (bark and sawdust). White is made from certain types of wood and is supplied for production in rolls 3 or 5 km long. To improve the moisture resistance the cardboard is covered with a thin layer of special polyethylene, which does not affect the environmental performance of products. Due to this, the tube completely decomposes in 2-3 months, whereas its plastic counterpart – in 300 years.

First, drawing is applied to the cardboard using eco-safe inks. They are completely harmless and even suitable for use by children. Next, the material is cut in a certain way and sent to the molding, where it is glued under the action of high temperature to the finished part.

As as result of such production – safe and environmentally friendly straws for your holiday. On the website of the company you can find products that are suitable for you exactly in color and style.

Take a step towards nature – use Jovama products!

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