Plastic straws ban in 2019

Stop the global environmental catastrophe!

Each year, more than 8 tons of plastic trash enters the oceans. The most insidious waste, bringing a lot of harm to marine and oceanic inhabitants, is just the inorganic tubes.

How much is consumed and why it is unacceptable

According to the US National Park Service, Americans use about 500 million plastic straws daily. This figure is already stunning, though other attributes are not taken into account here – dishes, balls, bags, etc.

Why is that? Perhaps, the role was played by the desire of people to eat food and drinks as hygienically as possible (especially after the SARS surge in 2003, which affected more than two dozen countries and killed more than 750 people).

Now this is a trend. Order a glass of water – get a straw “as a gift.” But in the middle of the 20th century, such tubes were only available in bars.

The problem is that plastic straws are:

  • too light and often do not fall or fly away from the garbage can, polluting everything around;
  • not processed at special plants in most countries of the world;
  • deadly food for fish and animals in the seas and oceans.

The global trend of plastic straws non-use

The last point was a turning point for the world after the 2015 video about tortoise with a plastic tube into its nostril. In 2016, China, Bangladesh, Kenya, Macedonia and Rwanda declared active plastic protest. By the end of the year, the state of California joined them.

In San Francisco, polystyrene and products from it are banned everywhere, and in Rhode Island they are actively boycotting the use of balloons.

In 2019 in the territory of England and Scotland you will not be able to use plastic cocktail attributes and cotton buds. And in 2020 in France, a ban on the use of plastic cutlery and bags will begin to operate.

Leading global brands such as IKEA, McDonald’s, and Starbucks are also became as non-plastic.

Alternative eco-friendly solution

Of course, the best solution would be a complete rejection of straws. But why? After all, there are paper straws from JOVAMA. For their production, biodegradable cardboard and special wood species are used, and the drawing is applied with eco-friendly ink. A wide palette of colors and a variety of sizes will make your holiday unforgettable!

Decline plastic from your life! If you need a straw, let it be paper one from JOVAMA!

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