The story of paper straws

Drinking straw entered our everyday life recently. Do you know that it is over 130 years old? Back in the late 19th century, American Marvin Stone caught an idea that it was convenient to drink drinks and cocktails in hot American weather through a straw. At that time he used rye stalks, but they gave an unpleasant taste to the drink, which spoiled the whole impression of the process. Then it occurred to Martin to wind the paper strips onto a pencil, thus making the first paper tube in the world. Having improved the production technology and eliminating its initial flaws, Stone patented his invention in 1888. Then paper straws began to appear, which were perfected by Joseph Friedman after 40 years, making them bendable and, of course, more convenient to use.

It was so until the 60s-70s of the 20th century. At that time, the world was actively “plasticizing” all industries. Of course, it touched straws. Since then, we are familiar and accustomed to plastic tubes, which many people use now.

After almost half a century, causing a lot of damage to the environment, society begins to realize its mistakes, and paper straws are gradually regaining their rights in the market, crowding out their plastic “colleagues.” Famous global giants of the hotel and restaurant business have completely moved away from plastic, which is what other market participants are calling for.

Today it is a completely different straw. JOVAMA’s ones, for example, have a special layer of material that prevents leakage and does not allow the paper to soak quickly. We also use eco-safe inks that are absolutely harmless to the environment. Such straws are pleasant to the touch, have no foreign smells, do not give the drink any flavors and are completely decomposable.

JOVAMA has proven itself as a reliable and proven manufacturer of paper straws. In our assortment there is a wide selection of straws for every taste and need. At the request of the client and the order of 50,000 pieces, a drawing, an inscription, a company logo can be applied to the tube (up to 3 colors in the Pantone palette). The straw’s diameter and length may also vary depending on the customer’s preferences.
Saving nature from plastic begins with you!

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