Why paper straws?

Paper straws will save the world and the environment in it!

For several decades now, plastic has firmly entered our lives. And in this fact there would be nothing special if it were not for the amount of anthropogenic waste from it, which gradually overwhelms the world’s oceans, exterminating the local fauna.

The whole problem is not only that it is so easy to get entangled in a plastic net or in all kinds of ribbons, bags and rings. Although it causes serious damage to marine life. The matter is also that plastic looks, smells and sounds like food that is eaten by birds, fish and animals (at least 180 species, according to research by Sir David Attenborough, the creator of many documentaries about the planet).
There is nothing surprising in this figure, considering that every year 12.7 million tons of this material gets into the world ocean waters. The thing is that if a piece of plastic has a certain size for a particular type, it becomes food. In addition, many sea creatures do not accidentally choose plastic as food, because they are guided by their experience and preferences, and plastic largely falls under this. For example, a piece of white plastic is a tidbit for a young turtle, and a red one is for a petrel. Also often algae grow on the plastic particles. Therefore, eating them, the marine organism at the same time captures plastic.

Using paper straws is a serious step in the planet cleansing!

Plastic straws are especially dangerous because of their shape – narrow, cylindrical and sharp. But how to be? It is not a good idea to refuse drinking cocktails and destroy the producers of these straws.
Of course it is not. There is an alternative for a long time – paper straws from Jovama. They have a number of advantages. Most of them are those that will help to save our planet and the world’s oceans.
To begin with, they are made of natural material. Gray cardboard is made from waste paper or wood raw materials (sawdust, bark), and white one – from special tree breeds. It is clear that all of this decomposes no more than in 3 months, and can also perfectly serve as compost for plants.
Eco-safe inks are used for drawing on paper straws from Jovama. They also decompose quickly, have no peculiar smell and do not emit toxic substances into a hot drink that you consume. Such ink is safe for children.
Such tubes can be considered 100% hygienic, since the second time use is excluded.

How does this help nature?

Garbage does not accumulate, it is not discharged into the ocean, and it is composted in the soil without residue. The amount of residue that did not have time to fade is not a threat to animals, birds or fish. The product is odorless and does not attract animals. But even if some part of such straw enters the body of an animal, then, in fact, he will eat only a piece of wood (which is cardboard or paper), which is generally harmless.
Making paper straws, we recycle waste paper and natural wood “garbage” – bark and sawdust. That is, we did two good things at once.
In addition, it makes no sense to wash straws, because they will deteriorate, which means that we also save water.
Famous global brands like IKEA, Starbucks and McDonalds have understood this long ago and are gradually moving away from plastic, replacing it gradually with thick, waterproof paper.
Paper straws can also be an excellent “platform” for placing your advertisement. At will, straws can be executed in corporate style.
To change the world, you should always start with yourself. Try to abandon plastic in favor of natural material now and you will understand how easy and pleasant it is to help nature!

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