We are proud to be the "original" and only paper drinking straw made in Russia.
Our straws are made of safe FSC paper and food grade safe glue. They are biodegradable, compostable and sustainable.
Also we have ability to make custom straw with your design up to 3 color and individually wrapped straws. Your design can be put both to paper straw and to wrappers.



RETAIL PACKS are best choice for retail shops and chains. Each retail pack include 14 paper straws and have barcode on package. They don't need any space on shelf as they are all made with bag headers.
We have many options of patterns and prints for RETAIL PACKS with our CLASSIC size straws.


Our big wholesale cartons are shipped internationally to distributors and wholesale companies.
Inside can be our BULK BOXES or usual transparent packs - both with 250 paper straws.
Our CARTONS usually have between 20 and 40 inner packs inside.


BULK BOXES are ideally for small business and HoReCa industry. They allow you to make easy switch to paper from plastic
and have usable detachable window on box which let you set paper straws in the bar counter very comfortable. Now available
with our CLASSIC straws.


JOVAMA offers best prices for paper straws shipped by PALLETS. They can be shipped internationally
and we can give you a special discount for regular orders.


We have biggest range of paper straw in the Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. From 6 to 12 mm diameter and from 140 mm. to 240 mm. length all our straws are perfect and ready to work with world class brands and small customers.

BUBBLE TEA 230*12 mm
GIANT 230*10 mm
FAT LONG 230*8 mm
BIG 200*8 mm
BOTTLE 240*6 mm
CLASSIC 200*6 mm
COCKTAIL 140*6 mm



We have a huge collection of colors and patterns printed in our factory.
We can do your own custom design or pattern up to 3 colors and and this is with
subject of our minimal order quantity.
Also we offer individual wrapping services for CLASSIC and FAT CLASSIC sizes.